"In a manner of speaking, this site is the culmination of fifty-one years of work, during which time I've composed at least one new poem, on average, every other day (although I've long since given up my Smith-Corona manual typewriter).

By exploring my on-line library, you'll be able to measure the height and breadth and depth of my life. If you're willing to journey far enough, you might end up knowing me better than I know myself and, in the process, knowing yourself better than before." (2008)


When I read your poems, I give thanks for three things (in increasing order), every time:

That you rescue good words from unjust desuetude

That you state common thoughts in uncommon ways, so that they are
     common no more

That you express uncommon thoughts that connect with deep, but too-
     little-examined experiences

— Dr. Daniel Doriani, author of Putting the Truth to Work, The Life of a God-Made Man, and Getting the Message








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