Just Ours
Love Passages with Linda, Volume One

Paperback: 116
Published: 2011

Price: $15.95

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Just Ours captures the tender passion of two lovers who've come to each other, as kindred souls, after full, separate lifetimes. Tracing the evolution of their relationship, from their first date to their first extended trip together, to Italy, this book of verse is a lyrical celebration of closeness, each poem a distillation of the loving oneness neither knew was possible — timeless "just ours" intimacies they create for themselves alone.





What binds us is not just physical attraction,
Not just hormones dancing in our veins,
Chemistry igniting, exciting fantasy’s candle tips,
When our sensuous fingers and tongues
Explore our erogenous zones
(Where we, who know our pleasure’s genetic codes, go),
Plumb our bodies’ erotic reservoirs,
Locate the secret recesses of our deepest emotions . . .
Not just a matter of orgasm, ecstasy, euphoria,

But love, which possesses us with unconditional affection,
Requires of us, ultimately,
Only the total devotion of our spirits
To the notion of letting us be free to be ourselves
While yearning to lose ourselves, in each other...
Only our complete belief
That nurturing our trust and respect will keep us close,
Protect us, by letting our souls measure pleasure
Rapture by rapture by rapture.












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