Trilogy: A Birth Cycle

Comb-bound: 40 pp.
Published: 1998

Price: $9.95




Trilogy: A Birth Cycle, a volume of eighteen chronologically arranged pieces, is a gentle recollection of one couple’s first experiences with conception, pregnancy, and childbirth, exploring their fears, hopes, and joys as they face impending parenthood and the "covenant of pure earthly worship" they form as a new family.




Being born, seeing before the beginning,
Then flying back with you through vast expanses

To uninformed inspirations, breathing love songs
Composed along the way, singing children into being,

Conceiving three from two, two from one unification,
One from many fused souls controlled by order,

Being born in ginger fields powdered with curry,
Sleeping in the same dream, simultaneously dreaming

Two sleeps lined with ginkgo and bonsai trees,
Filled with sleek, sprinting borzois, elephants

Gentle as babies' bellies...scented in sweet oleander,
We emerge, dance with certainty, return in peace —

From none, one minute, to triumvirate, whose emergence
Goes noticed by every poet reaching his love poem.




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