Monday's Child

Comb-bound: 58 pp.
Published: 1998

Price: $9.95




Monday’s Child, a collection of twenty-six poems, is a father’s joyful, awestruck chronicle of his baby girl’s first year of life, describing the incredible discoveries both parents and child make as the newborn, "a little soul growing older," becomes a toddler and experiences everything from crawling and walking to the "sheer, shrill thrill of babblement."



Beginning to See

Converging before the eyes,
Opaque blurs burn through haze,
Turn into scintillating focus
As she grows a blink at a time.
Objects become noisy persons
Shaping words interpreting toys
Into voices. Unbending joints
Become mesmeric pivot points
On which the mind draws inward
All the colossal weight of shapes
Rarefied on the cathedraled air.
To those perceiving the baby
As a maker of grave decisions,
Choice is the flat, red side
Of a round, white toy
Turned slightly, like speech,
To reveal a naked metaphor.
Now, blue eyes that at birth
Looked through obscure pupils
Without distinguishing us
Describe the arc of friendship
We project as a silhouette of years
For her to fill up with our love.



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