By Leaps and Bounds
Volume Two of The Seasons of Youth


Paperback: 69 pp.
Published: 2009

Price: $15.95




The second and third years of a child's life are filled with the extraordinary ordinary events that are steppingstone rites of passage: learning to walk and speak; reveling in play and mischief; enduring the travails of illness; growing familiar with the world beyond the house, where dogs, rabbits, and fireflies mesmerize curious eyes; taking part in adventures with mom and dad — vacations, holidays, visits to grandparents. In this second book of a five-volume series about his children, Louis Daniel Brodsky chronicles the progress of his daughter, as she grows by leaps and bounds, and the evolution of his family, which is soon to grow as well, with the birth of a second child.




Young life is a collection of challenges all its own. By Leaps and Bounds is a collection of poetry from a mother reflecting on her daughter growing up and the moments that she sees as time seems to roll on over the years. "By Leaps and Bounds" is a fresh and insightful book of poetry mothers and fathers will relish. "Seeing Eye to Eye": As I rush homeward, after two business days away,/White scintillas fly at my eyes.//The intimidating sky descends, absorbs my passage,/Predominating vision, which bends in endless parallax.//The soul's only hope is in reaching the refuge/That lies in the valley between sense and memory,//Where my wife and child await my return./I follow the snow; it guides me to their searching eyes.


—Midwest Book Review




Budding Poetess

That were staccato notes,
Not long ago —
Unsatisfactorily brief,
Like long-anticipated vacations
Or the changing of leaves in fall —
Characterized by prolixity and weightiness,
Each becomes a debate
In which Trilogy asserts her autonomy,
Has her way,
Confirms, emphatically,
That she’s attained complete mastery
Of her twenty-six-letter inheritance.

Her tongue is a magnet for germane words.
Idioms and streetwise apothegms surface,
Without coercion.
She probes ideational forests,
Like a botanist in search of new species.
Free association sets the meter
For her wingless, bardic songs of ecstasy.
Speech is the joyous release
Of the collective unconscious
Reaching, generatively,
To leap all synaptic gaps.
Ancient rhythms and myths
Color her fanciful language,
With designs pristine in their simple complexities.

We listen to her voice
Free church bells,
And we marvel at the purity of their timbre.
The sonorous legato she’s achieved,
In moving from mere gestures,
Through obstinate syllables,
To the sound of the centuries,
Astounds us with its euphony.
Embedded in her ABC’s
Are the passwords to the castle
Where undreamed profundities sleep
And poetry never spoken
Waits to be aroused.
Someday, the kingdom will be hers.











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