Saul and Charlotte
Poems Commemorating a Father and Mother

Paperback: 170 pp.
Published: 2011

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Saul and Charlotte: Poems Commemorating a Father and Mother
is Louis Daniel Brodsky's tribute to his parents, who died almost nine years apart. It commends the beauty and laments the tribulations of their longevity. Though the poems deal with death's complexities, it is death itself that elicits Brodsky's reflections on hsi parents' lives — sensitive poems that neither dewell on sorrow and grief nor rely on sentimentality. This book's complementary parts, "Heavenward" and "Homeward," suggest that his father and mother are journeying to the same place, where they'll live together, forever, their love eternal.



I have finished reading your book of poems, today, about your mother and father. Words are not adequate to convey how deeply moved I was, by your devotion to them, your honesty about the complex nature of your father-son relationship, your savoring of the details of home and hospital and dinners, with your mother, and hotel rooms, with your father. I do feel that I know them and am also aware of the blessing you received, of Linda, just as they were sailing away. Thank you, for sharing this with me.


— Judith Sarah Schmidt, Ph.D., Co-Director of the Center for Intentional Living and author of How to Cope with Grief


This Music

During these past five orphaned weeks,
The gloriously decorated chambers of my inner spirit
Have been reverberating with the serenely jubilational chords
Of the Lord’s celestial registers,
Singing, to me, of destinies mystical and depthless,
So distant from the visionary eye that sees me listening to them,
I almost believe I’m hearing someone, something, calling me.

Could this music, whispering to me, in my waking and dreaming,
Kissing my existence’s lips, bones, soul,
Be the lyrics of a new scripture consecrating my mother,
Recently installed in the eternal realm of oneness?
Or is it, more likely, that, missing both my parents so ardently,
I’m seeing them, in my ears, dancing to their love,
Whose numinous, romantic melodies I hear with my eyes,

All of them sighs in the breeze-eddies of November’s leaves,
Beckoning me to heed their call, as a revelation?





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