A Transcendental Almanac
Poems of Nature

Paperback: 92 pp.
Published: 2006

Price: $14.95

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A Transcendental Almanac takes you through a one-year span of the seasons, inviting you to linger in each month’s four poems. Beginning in April, with nature exultantly proclaiming its freedom from hibernation, and ending, the following March, after the cyclical passing of summer, autumn, and winter, the book evokes an intimacy with the flora and fauna, the life and essence, of the world’s elemental existence.

The twelve months are described with a passionate, lyrical voice and a gentle sensibility. These forty-eight poems will enchant you, make you feel at one with trees, grass, and flowers, birds, butterflies, rabbits, and squirrels, skies filled with clouds, wind, sunshine, rain, and snow.


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Backyard Garden

Sunday morning admits me

Into its sleepy, leafy garden —

Covenantal ark of the quick —

Where light and dark

Are gradations of sun and shadow,

Weaving holy strands of days

Around a Maypole rising from my soul.

I traipse through our fecund backyard,

Dense with trees quivering on a zephyr

That sends glimmers in all directions —

A liquidless sea of immensity,

Glistening with lambent emerald waves.

My essence is defined by its intensity

And at one with its viridescence.

Ensconced in this bee-dazzled daydream,

Lost to the enchantment of this refuge,

I grow gradually drowsy,

Lie down on the seething grass,

Beside a bed of gnarled hostas about to unfurl.

Each breath I take is a green inspiration

Metamorphosing me into a tree of life everlasting.







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