Our Time
Love Passages with Linda, Volume Two

Paperback: 120
Published: 2012

Price: $15.95

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Our Time continues the love passages begun in Just Ours, with sensuous poems describing the growing and deepening intimacy of two irrepressibly youthful lovers in the fullness of their years — a couple who revel in traveling, from their homes, in St. Louis, to Chicago, Florida, Laguna Beach, to celebrate themselves and their families; two sensitive spirits exploring, even more deeply, the heights of the romance shaping their shared souls.





Sunday in the Garden

We spend the best of Sunday’s endless right now
Lost in each other, to each other, forever,
In the chiaroscuroed coverts of the English Woodland Garden,
Sitting on the enormous steppingstone
Bridging the slender, singing stream weaving past,
In its cascading passage to the Japanese Garden, beneath us.
You dip your right hand into its meandering flow,
Rub its water slowly, sensuously, over and over,
Onto your thirsting thighs, knees, feet, and toes,
As though doing so were nourishing your whole body,
Awakening your yearning soul
If not with a godly balm, with immediacy itself,
Our beings’ need to commune with each other,
Touching, feeling, incorporating our surroundings,
Acknowledging our presence in this sacred, secluded space.
Now, gently, I reach into the warm stream
And anoint your lips, with its mellifluous, salvific lyrics,
Knowing you’ll hum its song to me all evening long.












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