Spirits of the Seasons

Lake Nebagamon Poems

PDF download only: 102 pp.
Published: 2015


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Spirit of the Seasons presents Brodsky's reflections composed in the seclusion of a Wisconsin cabin, beside Lake Nebagamon. A reverential naturalist in the manner of Henry David Thoreau and Sigurd Olson, Brodsky offers two poetry suites (28 poems autumnal, 42 poems hibernal/vernal) that bring the quiet alive, harmonizing with rhythmic drops of rain, loons' calls, and whispers of falling leaves and melting ice. His serenity invites each of us, individually, to join him "with weightless steps, in the woods' direction."



VI. Remote

Who am I, hiding in this tiny, remote cabin,
On this even remoter lake, by this remotest of villages,
In this North Woods clime few have even noticed?
Who goes there? Who asks? And why should you care?
After all, this is my lifetime, to do with as I choose.

I choose reclusiveness, privacy, untrammeled quiet,
Choose to jettison wrist watch, cell phone, newspaper, TV,
Choose to revel in being myself, by myself,
Choose to remain naked, asleep and awake, indoors,
So that freedom might choose me, know me intimately.

Ultimately, I choose me, unadulterated me,
The part of my heart, spirit, that eschews society’s din,
Chooses listening to water splashing shores,
To loons, crows, red-winged blackbirds serenading the air,
Chooses to come and go with the seasons of my remote soul.



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